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Practical Electronics with Solar PV - Learn to Sell, Install & Maintain a Small PV System

At Panaji, Goa India

A 2 weeks course on Practical Electronics with an emphasis on Solar PV Systems for Technicians

This will help Technicians to Sell a Solar PV System and Install and maintain the same.

The idea behind this course is to help in reaching Solar to a wider base of users and at the same time give them the confidence of a Local Technicians expertise to be able to Support the System
For the Participant of this Course it will help him or her understand how to Configure a System for a Customers specific requirement.

Besides Basic Electronics it will cover the finer points of a good solar installation and tips to maintain the solar system so that the Customer can earn a decent amount from a Sale and at the same time gain a happy and satisfied Customer.

Registrations now open.
305, Kamat Towers, Patto, Panaji
Tel: 6630996 (Local code for Goa is to be prefixed if you are calling from outside Goa).

Will keep you posted.
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