LED Lighting

To make the best use of Solar Photo Voltaic Energy, DC Lighting and other DC products are an Ideal choice.
Below is a DC Light that I have designed.
The PCB uses Linear design & Multiple LEDs for distributed thermal load creating robust product.

The LEDs are driven with 'Built-on-PCB' integrated constant current controller.

Voltages from 10.5V to 18V are handled by the PCB without affecting LED life or the amount of light.

The fixture is designed to provide uniform Lighting around a pole mounted light with a height of between 1 to 1.5Metres. (Ideally 1.25M).

The angles are calculated to provide uniform lighting without glare or spots.

With a total consumption of 3W it can provide enough light around a 2 Metre radius (3 to 4 M spacing) for a pathway.